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Harold's Priorities


These are some of the issues that I plan to tackle as your State Senator for District 7

Promote Our Small Business Community

When our economy thrives—so do we. The best way to bring more opportunity to our communities is by making New Hampshire more business friendly - with good jobs — Let's put our friends and neighbors back to work at decent jobs with living wages.

Opportunity In Education

We must strive to provide better educational opportunities for our children. From charter schools to parochial schools to homeschooling we must allow parents and children to choose the course that is right for them.

Stop Government Overreach

Government has become far too entangled in our personal and daily lives, and continues to grow larger and larger every year.  Government needs to focus on only those basic issues that private industry cannot address (such as Highways, National Defense, A safety net for the poor and disabled, Children, Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, and like issues)  — Government now focuses on intruding itself into our everyday life, our individual liberties and is creating a society of entitlement. I will work to bring government back to a simple focus: helping create an environment for good jobs, good schools and good roads.

Healthcare-Patient Centered 

There is no doubt that our healthcare system is in failure.  We need to focus on the basics—satisfied and informed patients.  We also need to take down the boundaries that do not allow for real competition in both Healthcare and Health Insurance.  In order to provide New Hampshire citizens with real choice, we need national competition among insurance providers that our current system does not allow; we need to stop penalizing/taxing individuals that cannot afford Healthcare; we need to stop penalizing/taxing individuals and businesses because their Health Insurance Plan is "too good"; and we need to make Health Insurance affordable one again.  While many of these are now federal issues; I will work to bring New Hampshire to patient centered healthcare that allows patients the opportunity to be smart consumers. Pricing must be transparent and readily available so we can make smart choices.

Opiod Crisis-Focus On Treatment

Trying to cut off the supply of narcotics in this country has failed.  The illegal drug cartels and immoral dealers peddling this poison to our friends, our neighbors and our children continue to build fantastic wealth from its victims in this Country.  We need to focus our attention on Treatment and Prevention and break the cycle of addiction and drug use.  These narcotics are highly addictive and a serious cause of crime in our communities.  Over-policing and regulating is not the answer. Let's look at Gloucester, Massachusetts as a model for responding to the opioid epidemic in New Hampshire.  We need to focus on treating those who are addicted and preventing more from becoming addicted.

Our Economy

Time for change New Hampshire!  Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs take huge risks to create new jobs. Beware of the "feel good" legislation promoted by Liberals.  Those policies are based in Big Government, More Regulation and the Nanny State. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, someone always ends up paying; Don't let the cost be your job and economic future.


Here is the philosophical difference between Harold French and  and a Liberal. Ask yourself, do you really want bigger government and less individual liberty?  A vote Harold French is a vote for smaller government, less regulation and more individual liberty.